Paul Cornell du Houx

Paul V. Cornell du Houx was born in Los Angeles, California, and grew up mainly in Switzerland and the UK. He is a graduate of Winchester College in England and Amherst College in Massachusetts, with a double degree in economics and French, writing his honors thesis on Gustave Flaubert.

With the wild hope that a varied experience of the economy would help in answering his academic questions, Paul worked in a wide range of jobs and enterprises, including companies based on patents of his own invention for connecting electrical cables.

In 1991 Paul and Ramona brought their children to Maine, where they founded Polar Bear & Company and the nonprofit Solon Center for Research and Publishing, with the mission of helping to build community through educational and literary means. Paul is also a director of Maine Insights newsmagazine, the nonprofit founded and published by Ramona du Houx.

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Read about his book: Unicycle: The Book of Fictitious Symmetry and Non-Random Truth, Here.