Fukurou  means owl in Japanese as well as prosperity and health. The owl in Ancient Greece often is associated with Athena, the arts and wisdom.

Our gallery will represent Maine artists, foster cross-cultural connections with Japanese artists and others. We will host exhibits, booksignings, have lectures, workshops and other events.

Democracy flourishes when creativity is allowed freedom of expression. Our programs align with the Solon Center for Research and Publishing projects.

Solon Center for Research and Publishing is a 501(c)3 nonprofit Maine Public Benefit Corporation that helps build community in Maine and beyond through educational, literary, scientific and artistic means, with publications, research, exhibits, and other events and initiatives. We work to help the humanities flourish.

Our books have themes of long-term intrinsic value and are published through our imprint, Polar Bear & Company.

Solon Center for Research and Publishing is also a platform where people from diverse disciplines can examine issues of cultural and environmental importance, while developing connections.

We invite you to explore our website and come for a visit! We are at 20 Main Street, Rockland, Maine, 04841.


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