We are publishers of quality books and art—

Polar Bear & Company has been publishing high-quality works of cultural significance since 1998, with over 60 titles, with worldwide distribution. 

We produce books that make a difference to our cultural heritage, creative economy and democracy. We strive to enhance the quality of life through literature and art.

We hope to give well-intentioned, creative people avenues for their words, wisdom, wit and other talents so they can reach individuals to create stronger communities.

Polar Bear & Company publishes non-fiction and fiction writers who bring needed insights to the world.

Democracy flourishes when creativity is allowed freedom of expression.

In 2015 the owners decided to follow the traditional model of non-profit publishing, thereby making Polar Bear & Company an imprint of the Solon Center for Research and Publishing, a non-profit 501(c)3 Maine public benefit company.


Before submitting have a close look at the types of books we publish. Then if you feel your book would fit in, please send it along.

Manuscripts not enclosed with a self-addressed, stamped envelope may not be returned. Choose your own submission guidelines. Via email: paul(at)polarbearandco.com  or soloncenter(at)mail.com .

We try to acknowledge receipt at least with a post card. Please do not read anything into the time it takes for a response. Thank you in advance for contacting us and for sharing a love of words and art.

Polar Bear & Company,  P.O. Box 311, Solon, Maine,  04979.

  • Paul Cornell du Houx
  • Ramona du Houx
  • Phone 207 643-2795
P.O. Box, 311, Solon, ME 04979, USA