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Bright eyed and full of the hopes and dreams that many Italian immigrants held, Jimmy Carparelli found himself fresh off a ship in Baltimore, Maryland, in the 1920s. With other Italian immigrants, he soon found employment in Maine working as a cook in a lumber company. Taking the first opportunity to live the American Dream, he opened The Baltimore near the docks in Bangor.

After Jimmy met Rita Baldacci, the establishment took a new direction. Her culinary talents, learned from generations of Baldaccis in Lucca, Italy, transformed The Baltimore into a restaurant of excellent, authentic, Italian cuisine.

Long lines of dedicated patrons filled the restaurant for years, and Rita and Jimmy's venture flourished. Bobby Kennedy, Ed Muskie, The New York Giants, The Green Bay Packers, The Boston Celtics and even Ted Williams traveled to taste the superb cuisine.

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With Rita's sons, Vasco, Robert and Nick, working side by side, the restaurant began a family tradition that is still strong. Robert's sons even got their first taste of restaurant work – washing dishes.

Urban renewal decided the fate of the original Baldacci's restaurant as The Baltimore was purchased for the land it was on by the city.

Two of Rita's sons, Robert Baldacci and Vasco Carparelli took up the torch and built a new restaurant, Baldacci's, which was successful for some time.

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Not letting the family tradition falter Robert, and his wife Rosemary, purchased property off Broadway in Bangor, in 1974, and opened Momma Baldacci's. There a new family restaurant blossomed with excellent Italian-American food. All eight children participated in the business, from bussing tables, preparing food, managing, waiting on tables, and the beloved dishwashing.

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Momma Baldacci's breadsticks were light and fluffy. Their secret sauces were mouthwatering. It wasn't long before Momma Baldacci's became well known.

Rosemary and Robert Baldacci were always civically minded and instilled a deep sense of serving one's country in their children – Bob, Peter, John, Gerry, Paul, Rosemary, Joe, and Lisa. As a result political discussions were a side-course on the menu, if you chose to indulge.

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Paul Baldacci in Momma Baldacci's kitchen

Paul Baldacci loved a good political discussion and often engaged in them when he took over the business. He welcomed everyone with warmth and charm, as his father had done before him.

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Paul Baldacci Jr. – Baldacci's master chef

Now, his son, Paul, continues the family tradition and manages the restaurant known as Baldacci's.

Often Maine's Governor John Baldacci visits and washes dishes, serves tables and talks to patrons. On election night the place is buzzing.

Sometimes politicians drop in, celebrating the traditions of the Baldacci's and enjoying great food!

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Governor John Baldacci, Senator John Kerry and friends enjoy a Christmas charity party at Baldacci's.

The Baldacci tradition continues.

Come visit us!

Bon Appetito!

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Two fourth-generation Baldaccis – Jack and Paul – enjoyed election night at the restaurant, sharing in the celebration of Jack's father's re-election as Governor of Maine.

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Bob Jr. and Joe look and listen to their brother Governor John Baldacci give his acceptance speech on election night, 2007, at the restaurant.


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