A Writers' Compendium - Quotations on the Trade edited and compiled by Peter Bollen

Peter Bollen's collection of quotes by writers on the process of writing, on journalism, on censorship, poetry, writer's block, and on other writers and critics.

"They are sayings that really meant a great deal to me, and I hope they will for you too,"  said Peter Bollen, author, activist and journalist.

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Peter posts a quote from the book most every day!

Artwork by Ramona du Houx. 

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A treasure, a welcome companion for any working writer. In this lonely field, one often feels blocked, stopped, and distracted. . . Refreshing . . . illustrates that so many others, especially the giants of this craft have felt exactly the same and then gone on to publish wonderful stories. It is a source of solace, comfort and encouragement, much needed and much appreciated. It has a permanent place next to my computer keyboard

—Alan Lapidus, author of Everything by Design. My Life as an Architect