These titles are a collection of works fresh off the press and works from deep in our archives.

We believe in continually supporting our authors and their works, regardless of trends.


The Legend of Aurora 

Clipper's ABC's 

Adventures of Sir Goblin Feline Knight At the Place of the Lobsters and Crabs
Real Political Tales: Short Stories My Tainted Blood

We are producing a line of handmade books, locally crafted and distributed throughout the state. These titles will showcase local literary, poetic, and artistic talent and bring together diverse communities from the publishing, art, and craft worlds in Maine and beyond. The first titles to be produced will be from Polar Bear & Company authors, but we are hoping to collaborate with other independent presses as well. Above the Gravel Bar: The Native Canoe Routes of Maine by David S. Cook will be our first handcrafted edition. Pre-order now!

Polar Bear & Company is an imprint of the Solon Center for Research and Publishing, a nonprofit 501(c)3.